9 Things to do Before the Sun Comes Up


If you want to squeeze 25 hours out of a day, how you start your day is more important than you think.  Even if you aren’t an early riser, you can utilize these quick tips to jumpstart every day, mindfully, in the right way.

1. Drink Lemon Water

You’d be surprised how something as simple as drinking lemon water can change your body and your day for the better.  A glass of lemon water packs everything you need to give your immune, digestive, and nervous system a jumpstart.  Additionally, a glass of lemon water is full of vitamin C to pump up your immune system.  Lemon water can reduce the uric acid in our joints, reducing inflammation, aches, and pains.  Lemons also contain potassium which helps brain and nerve function.  Reach for a lemon before the coffee and you’ll notice the difference. Check out this infographic courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic.

2. Take A Deep Breath

We breathe all day long (kind of have to), but how often do we take a conscious breath?  Deep, conscious breathing can lower stress and focus the mind.  Consider it a mini-meditation for your morning.  Breathe deeply into your abdomen rather than your chest.  Conscious, deep breathing for just a few minutes a day can improve your mental outlook and improve your physical health.  Learn to do it well and make it a habit so mindful breathing can become an unconscious practice in your daily routine.  You’ll be happier, healthier, and even live longer.

3. Workout, Stretch, Or Some Other Physical Activity

Get your blood pumping.  Whether you’re the type who will hit the gym or not, physical activity in the morning allows your body (and mind) to optimize energy, increase focus, and set the pace for your day.  Even a few minutes of stretching to wake up your muscles will boost your mood and reduce tension.

4. Rapture In Silence

Silence.  True silence.  The first moments of the day have a powerful benefit.  It is an opportunity to bask in a moment of calmness and serenity before your day is filled with noise.  By noise I don’t just mean audible sound.  When we walk down the street, sit in our offices, turn on the TV, etc., our senses are bombarded with emotions and reactions to our environment.  Maybe you can’t stop thinking about an office deadline, student loan debt, that you need to pickup dry cleaning, about the latest fake news…  Our day-to-day lives are smothered with mental and sensory clutter.  Enjoy the quiet moments before stepping into your day.  Think of it as a chance to gather yourself, preparing you to filter out excess noise through the day and to focus.  Take a moment to meditate before taking the day by storm.

5. Eat Breakfast

We’ve all heard it – breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  In 2005 the Journal of American Dietetic Association published a study that eating breakfast improves cognitive function related to memory.  Basically, a healthy, light breakfast improves your concentration and focus.  Set the tone for your day by treating your body right and it will be easier to handle the tasks at hand.

6. Keep Your To-Do List At A Distance

Since we are focusing on ways to jumpstart your day, you may think of grabbing your daily to-do list to jump-start productivity.  Resist the urge!  Take time each morning for yourself, and THEN set your goals for the day.  Purposeful thought and clarity in planning will lead to more productivity where it matters.

7. Kiss The Person You Love

Every morning, right before I leave the house, I sneak back into the bedroom and kiss the woman I love on her forehead.  It took me a while to understand why that daily moment means so much.  One day I rushed out the door without that kiss and didn’t think my better-half would notice.  I was wrong.  At first, I was irritated she felt slighted, but months later it hit me.  What is the point of working hard and working passionately if you don’t share it with the people you love?  We make sacrifices to achieve.  Sometimes we even become unbearable along the way.  Never take a moment for granted with the person you love.  No matter what kind of day awaits you, appreciation for the person (or family) you love should be how you start and end each day, in the right way.

8. Play Your Personal Theme Song

Amp yourself up for the day and sing along if you want!  If you don’t have a personal theme song, don’t worry.  Maybe the radio will play your favorite new jam or your “guilty pleasure” song during your drive to work.  Whatever your playlist is composed of, let yourself get excited for the day ahead.  Get into the right mindset and start your day with energy and excitement.

9. Kick The Tires And Light The Fires!

Top Gun said it best.  You are ready to take the day by storm thanks to a morning of focusing and optimizing your energy.  Time to seize the day.  The only person stopping you is you.



Author: Kashish Parikh-Chopra

Email: kpc@essenceofom.com

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