Art of Action: 3 Keys To Taking Action In Life

It’s easy to wait and expect life to change around us.  Truth be told, life will change no matter what you do.  If you don’t actively engage with what you want and make the choices to get there, life will change without you.

There are, however, keys to transforming the gap between waiting for your life to change and making a conscious effort to live the life you want.

Here are the 3 keys to taking action in your life:

1. Remember, you are the only person who can do what YOU want

Many of us grew up being told that we are special – that there is nobody in the world who can be us.  This statement has been the genesis of genius and mediocrity for more than just our generation.

It’s true.  There is something inside of you that nobody else has.  You are unique in the way you look at the world, at problems, and at situations.  Nobody can be you or contribute to the world the way you can.  Your individuality and uniqueness are powerful parts of the world around you.

But, if you aren’t harnessing and living up to your true potential someone else will live it for you.  They will accomplish what you were too comfortable to strive for.  They will achieve what you were too lazy to achieve yourself.  However, they will do it slightly different and in their own way.  They will have robbed you of the chance to be yourself because they did what you got too complacent in life to do – live every day with action rather than inaction.  Action comes from the power of recognizing yourself and what you bring to your environment.

2. Don’t deny the power of INACTION

There are two types of action: action and inaction.  Yes, inaction counts.  Often times we rationalize inaction as planning or “waiting for the right time.”  Too frequently, we use inaction as a mask for insecurity and indecision.  Actions have a clear direction, but when you sit on inactions you have to actually make a decision to not act.  Maybe you felt a decision wasn’t worth the risk or that a different decision met your needs. Maybe you knew what action to take, but didn’t know how to effectively communicate your intentions to others.  Without realizing it, your inaction sends messages out into your environment and makes it easier for you to become complacent.

Identify what aspects of life you’re stalling on and examine why.  Decisions don’t have to be perfect.  Wouldn’t you prefer to move towards something in life rather than staying where you are?  Continual action, through big decisions and small decisions, is the only way to progress in life.

3. Don’t daydream, just DO

Take action.  This may sound simple, but sometimes simple is the most powerful. Take action and don’t live passively. In the present day, everything has a price tag on it and you must give up something in order to get something. And, when you reach true success the rewards, fulfillment, and feelings are well worth the effort and energy you execute everyday. Dreams are great, but engaging with life to achieve fulfillment is better.  


Author: Kashish Parikh-Chopra

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