How the EVO Planner Increased my Productivity by 10x

How EVO Will Help You Find Your Flow

There is something unique about holding a crisp and clean notebook. Allow yourself to journey back to a period when school shopping was one of your favorite times of the year.

Picking out a fresh notebook was almost as fun as choosing a new pair of shoes. Remember how organized and professional that notebook made you feel? Even from a young age you recognized the power of organization and focus.

For as long as you can remember, staying organized and finding your flow has been important to you! Do you ever find yourself saying, “there isn’t enough time in the day?” Or frequently pondering how you can get more out of life? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many people around the world ask themselves the same questions.

What makes EVO so great is that it helps you to realize that the answers you seek are right in front of you. The stylish, powerful, well-designed planner taps into your conscious and brings out feelings of organization and extreme focus.

EVO combines the power of a customized personality assessment, highly intuitive easy-to-use app, and a luxuriously designed notebook to help you find your flow!

That sounds great, but what exactly is EVO?

EVO was created to help you increase your productivity so you can accomplish all that you desire. Normal notebooks have been great for centuries, but EVO has created a new paradigm.

The problem with your average notebook is that not everyone operates with the same motivations, patterns, and goal setting formulas.

Everyone has a unique way of approaching situations and managing the outcomes of any given scenario. Because of this, not everyone will find a normal notebook as a tool for productivity.

EVO recognizes this dilemma and delivers a solution that everyone can get behind. While most people do not think the same way, everyone can be generally broken down into four brain type categories. EVO labels these categories as the Oracle, the Alchemist, the Architect, and the Explorer.

How powerful is the EVO brain type assessment quiz?

Following my assessment, I was labeled the Alchemist. After taking the quiz, you will receive a PDF file that explains in detail your brain type.

The overall goal of EVO is to increase your productivity. Therefore, by understanding how you best analyze and understand critical elements of life, you will be able to meet your goals faster.

How would it make you feel to absolutely crush your goals in life and propel yourself to higher and higher levels of performance? This can be achieved by acquiring a deep understanding of the way your brain operates.

As an Alchemist, I am creative, and genuinely interested in many subjects and aspects of life. At my core, I find happiness in creating and building new and innovative things. As I was reading my assessment after taking the quiz, I realized EVO was absolutely right.

Based on my specific type, EVO helped me discover my ideal environment, potential weaknesses, and individuals that can amplify my energy.

I am able to focus, and accomplish more by using the guidance from the brain type assessment and the feature packed notebook and app duo. Essentially, staying rooted and sticking to one project at a time has really helped me accomplish things one day at a time.

The first step in discovering how to increase your productivity is taking the quiz. You can find the assessment HERE

Additional brain types

The Architect:

This brain type is really efficient at constructing models that help bring concepts into reality. As the name suggests, an Architect is the planner, builder, designer, and engineer behind the scenes. Think of the Architect as the person who lays down the blueprints for the crew to come and begin construction.

This brain type can potentially fall into the trap of micro managing and must always stay vigilant. EVO can help architects by showing them their strengths, weaknesses, and helping to remind them of how they best operate.

The Explorer:

Explorers are sociable individuals who have connections with everyone around them. As an explorer, you work best in a group setting with other like minded individuals around you.

Remaining part of the group without falling into the great trap of groupthink is a struggle the explorer must confront. Analyzing your performance through the EVO notebook and app will help you to realize which groups you belong in, and which groups are holding you back.

The Oracle:

The Oracle is a special brain type that has the power to see beyond one perspective. Placing yourself in the shoes of others is not a difficult task for an Oracle. However, empathy and your desire to relate to others can stand in your way.

Having a powerful tool like EVO will keep you focused on yourself while not forgetting the person that you are at heart.

The EVO app and notebook combine to promote accountability and progress

Use the app to record and analyze your notebook entries. Always have the EVO app at your side to recognize patterns, see your performance, and truly analyze how you are performing.

By tracking your notebook entries with the app, you can correlate your days activities with the amount of work you were able to accomplish. This will allow you to recognize patterns and trends that may be hurting, or helping your productivity.

Finding your flow

Based on my experiences with EVO, I can generally say it has helped me tremendously. Getting in a zone where you are fully focused on accomplishing individual tasks will help you break free from the feeling of being overworked, and underachieving.

As Elon Musk said, “Great goals are achieved by breaking them down into smaller more achievable goals that lead you to the big picture”.

That is exactly how EVO will help you find your flow. When you get into the habit of making tiny wins everyday, the big win will be just around the corner.

Take your Brain Type assessment HERE and discover your greatness!

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