Be an Olympian and Champion in Life

Champion Olympics

Watching the Olympics always reminds me of one important fact – I have no athletic talent what so ever.  Even as someone who does not care about sports more than the average Joe (or Jane), I find myself glued to Olympic sports of every sort.  Whether glued to figure skating, ski jumping, bobsledding, curling, or whichever other sport your heart desires, it is impossible to deny the strength, focus, and dedication of Olympic athletes.

You do not have to be an Olympian to be a champion.  What would happen if you applied a fraction of their drive to your own life?  To your goals?  To achieving your dreams? 

What stops us from approaching our lives with the self-awareness, dedication, and focus?  How can we be our own champions, every day?

1. Take A Step Back To Take A Step Forward.

It is easy to dive headfirst into an idea, but whims are short-lived.  To achieve long-term, sustainable focus in our lives, it is imperative that we take a step back to reflect on what we want.  Be ready to take meaningful action rather than action for action’s sake.

2. Find Your True Goal.

Like Olympians, we must hone in on what our single most important objective is.  In step #1, we took a step back to see the big picture about what we want, but here it is important to shed the mental clutter that spreads our efforts too thin.  Self-awareness will propel you to make a deal with the universe around you.  Find ways to tell the universe your intentions, your objectives, and your unwavering dedication.  The universe will align itself for you, just as your mindfulness has aligned you with the universal power. 

3. Focus Forward.

Wake up in the morning and say to yourself: “I am destined for great things.”  If you do not believe you are destined for greatness and do not believe in yourself, you have built a mental barrier that will prevent you from achieving your goals.  Meditate on your present state and recognize that you are in constant motion towards something more significant, something you are consciously working towards. 

4. Achieve.

We have all seen the stories of Olympic athletes who wake up at 4 am to train for hours before going to school, then hit the ice, slopes, and so forth to end their day as they began it.  It is mystifying and inspiring to hear how Olympians train, sacrifice, and obsess towards their objective – not just to be an Olympian, but also to represent their country to the world.  Success comes with hard work.  There are no shortcuts or easy answers, but you can work smart and stay mindful of your happiness, goals, and inner drive.  This is where you execute.  This is where you land your own ski jump or a triple axel.  Perhaps that is through your Olympian-style dedication to your family, to fitness, to the book you always wanted to write, to the job that never lets you sleep, and so forth.  Just as Olympians represent their countries to the world, you represent yourself, your values, and your community to the world.  Achievement is the harmony where mind, efforts, and goals collide.  After all, success without fulfillment is meaningless.  The meaning comes from you.

5. Don’t let anyone or anything take you away from YOUR greatness or potential.

Take on each day as an Olympian.  Be a champion every day.

Are you ready to be an Olympian in your daily life?


Author: Kashish Parikh-Chopra


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