About Us

Mission Statement

Essence of Om connects you to the Om symbol through everyday products. To us, it's more than just creating products. Our goal is to provide a vehicle to define and express your connection to the Om symbol.

The Power of Om

Om is the most powerful universal symbol in the world. Its effect is being felt by millions of lives across all cultures, regions, and lifestyles. When pronounced correctly, the Om produces energy and vibrations which match the energy vibrations of the Earth itself.  Om is our own self-awareness, and awareness, with the world around us. 


Meet the Team

Seetal Parikh-Chopra, Founder


Namaste, I'm Seetal Parikh-Chopra! Since childhood, I have always been drawn to the Om symbol and am passionate about keeping the connection to it alive.  I want to hear people's stories about why they are connected to the symbol and how it is incorporated in their life. Stay connected with me and spread the power of Om!


Kashish Parikh-Chopra, VP of Operations, Culture, and Compliance


Well Hello! Fancy meeting you here! Ready to talk partnerships and collaborations? Shoot me an email and let's OM it up! 


Viraj Paul, Intern, Strategic Partnerships and Community Outreach


Hi! Looking forward to connecting and learning more about you! Send me an email and we'll chat more!