Our Story

An action taker with a curious mind, Seetal Parikh-Chopra has always had a positive outlook on life.  Born in Houston, Texas she grew up in an environment surrounded by encouragement, support, and optimism.  She has spent over twelve years working in the non-profit sector and is passionate about her role and serving its mission purpose.  A few years ago, she stepped outside of her comfort zone and took one idea that turned into something bigger.

Seetal spoke about wanting Om ornaments on her Christmas tree because she was tired of using the same type of ornaments year after year.  She created a custom design of what she wanted her Om ornament to look like, had a few thousands made and sold out during the holiday season in 2017.  From there she expanded Essence of Om and started designing t-shirts that move people into action and inspire them along the way.  You’ll also see a touch of Texas in her designs because “you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl.”  Seetal is proof that taking action really does make dreams come true.

Seetal always loved wearing t-shirts and having a more casual look so it only felt right to develop shirts that felt like her favorite t-shirt.  Essence of Om isn’t just about inspiration, it’s about comfort as well.  You’ll love the softness and fit in every style.  Don’t be surprised if someone asks, “Where did you get that shirt from?” You could say, “it is a girl’s curious mind who took action to make her dream come true.”

For more information, email support@essenceofom.com or find your look now at www.essenceofom.com