My Indian Life

A Live Comedy Special - by Akshay Ahuja
Featuring: Amir Yazdani, Megan Eller, Tara Brown, Kevin Mclain, Shelley Kim

August 3, 2019
6:00 PM - Doors Open
7:00 PM-9:00 PM - Comedy Show
1st Stage Theater, 1524 Spring Hill Road, Tysons VA 22102
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Sponsored by Essence of Om

Growing up in North Carolina, I stood out. A constant battle of whether I was black or white seemed to run through my mind daily as it was either of those that seemed to be acceptable to society. Being a little brown kid taught me a lot of things, from its ok to be different - to accepting ones culture rather than trying to run from it. This show highlights this journey specifically; how I learned to embrace who I am and how I can use my experiences to help educate others through comedy on the similarities we all have rather than our differences.  

The show entitled "My Indian Life," will take you through a hilarious journey of me growing up in the south, through my college years and into the present day. 
You will find things to relate with, I promise.

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